Community Engagement − Education & Outreach

Sign in the elevator tunnel to the summit
Rich Brandt at School Tour

We believe that the crowning achievement of our successful research field station is the level and commitment which we make in the sharing of knowledge and resources with all community members including students, residents, regional visitors, businesses, and local, state, and federal agencies. The scientific research at Whiteface Mountain, and the societally beneficial information gleaned from that research, should be available and easily accessible to everyone.

By engaging the public through a wide variety of education and outreach opportunities such as field station tours, lectures, workshops, seminars, and online resources and expeditions, we help raise awareness of the important work we do and the critical environmental issues we face. As a community it's up to all of us to understand and mitigate those issues and create new "Stewards of the Future" who will continue our work to preserve and protect Whiteface Mountain and the entire Adirondack biosphere for generations to come.

Building Stewards of the Future

This video showcases the atmsopheric science work we do at Whiteface Mountain, as seen "through the eyes" of a local high school science AP Environmental Science class. Mr. Scott Danville and his group of students from Beekmantown High School toured ASRC's Whiteface Mountain field station in 2018. The class shot all footage, including drone video, and produced the video for their class work. Many of the students from that class have gone on to related fields of study in environmental science, which is a positive outcome from the education and outreach we do!

The Bicknell Thrush − Adriondack Summer Resident

In this educational video, courtesy of The Wild Center, you will learn about the importance of Whiteface Mountain on the survival of one of nature's most spectacular migratory songbirds. Climate change poses a clear and present danger to the limited desirable habitat of the Bicknell Thrush, and through our atmospheric science research coupled with the efforts of groups such as the The Wildlife Conservation Society and The Wild Center, we can work to insure that Whiteface Mountain and the Adirondacks remain a safe migratory home for this amazing bird.

The Adirondack Environment − Whiteface Mountain

In this educational video, courtesy of Dr. Justin Minder of the University at Albany's Department of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences you will learn about the importance of Whiteface Mountain to the research and experiential teaching missions of the University. The video is used as a teaching aid for students in the Environmental Sciences program.