Local Partners

Supporting the local community and building partnerships with regional entities is extremely important to us. Not only for communicating our message and mission, but to support local businesses and events that are so vital to the sustainability of the region. We hope that you will take some time to click on the links below to learn about and support the organizations whom we have collaborative associations with.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

Perhaps the most critical element in assuring the continued successful operation of the ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station is our partnership with the DEC. Even though the Whiteface Mountain field station and Marble Mountain Lane facilities are operated and managed by the ASRC of the State University of New York at Albany, the land and buildings are owned by the DEC. Since the creation of the field station in 1961, DEC has been our most important collaborator and that relationship continues today. Some examples of this collaboration include the DEC air monitoring trailer at the Marble Mountain Lodge site; operation of the DEC sponsored Castnet dry deposition site; and the summit Ozone monitor and backup generator for summit power. DEC maintains a staffed office at the Whiteface Mountain field station on Marble Mountain Lane which facilitates educational outreach as well as site and instrument maintenance.

Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA)

ORDA is a New York State Authority that was originally created to manage and operate the facilities used during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. In addition to managing and operating the existing Olympic facilities, ORDA now operates several ski centers across the State, including Whiteface Mountain. ORDA also manages and operates the Veteran's Memorial Highway leading to the mountain's summit. By leveraging our research and scientific excellence and station facilities, one of our goals is to support ORDA during local and regional tourism events, recreation activities, and athletic competitions. Check out the Whiteface.com website for a wide range of amazing activities and events in and around the mountain region!

Whiteface Mountain Regional Visitors Bureau

Focused on businesses and tourism in and around the Whiteface Mountain region, the Visitors Bureau is an important partner in communicating the work that is carried out at the ASRC Whiteface Mountain field station. In turn, members of our staff volunteer to serve important roles in the Bureau. Paul Casson, our field station manager, currently serves as Bureau Vice President and has been an active Bureau member since 2013. He provides guidance on educational opportunities for the community and visiting tourists as well as helping to run various local events. Visit the Bureau’s website to learn more about the region and planning a visit. You can also find information on local and regional attractions and events.

Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST)

ROOST is a non-for-profit corporation responsible for Destination Marketing for several regions including Lake Placid and the Wilmington Whiteface Region. Their goal of creating a sustainable economy through economic, social, and environmental connections is vital not only to tourism, but also for the livelihood of strong local communities. As such, we are committed to building a long-term relationship with ROOST to advance their vision and mission.

The Wild Center

The Wild Center is a non‐for‐profit organization that started operation in Tupper Lake, NY in July 2006. The Center was conceived as way to " ...showcase the natural world of the Adirondacks in a comprehensive way and use that story as a way to help people explore and appreciate humankinds's relationship with the natural world." The Center provides a wealth of educational activities and events to students and the public. They also own the web camera that provides the still images from inside the summit observatory. We use those images to develop the time‐lapse videos of the view from the summit. Check out the awesome video in the multimedia area that was produced by the Wild Center as part of their Lunch Time Live series that showcases the majesty of Whiteface Mountain during a temperature inversion!


Take a field trip to the summit and learn about an inversion layer!